Liyuan Theatre has performed traditional Peking Opera since 1990 and it's one of the leading Opera venues located in the birthplace of Opera in Beijing.


Liyuan Theatre is your host for the Peking Opera in Beijing.

Within the long history of Peking opera, the performance at the Liyuan Theatre is the most classic introduction to the performing art.

The repertoire is an interesting combination of delightful humour and old Beijing culture. All performed with ambitious intricacy and style. Here you will find a popular introduction to Chinese Opera.

Through us, you can get tickets to the show for almost half the original price. This offer is not available from the ticket window.

Use our easy online booking form or just give us a call at 18612359093 to reserve your seats now!

Recommended Seats:

Best Value

Section 3 Tables
was ¥380
now 180 yuan!

Best Budget

Downstairs Seats
was ¥280
now 120 yuan!

Lowest Price

Upstairs Seats
was ¥200
now 110 yuan!

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